Books collection

This collection Biblia 1.0 (Book I,II,III,IV,V) dedicate:
(The future citizens of this planet, in the Year 2015 of Lord.
May he leave your generation a World better than the one we were given). 
Love, Understanding and Respect.

Walking in this narrow path.


Excerpt from his book: “My Last Update:The End.”

That information is confidential and must not be disclosed to anyone, open your Terminal and type "Code 666”, One Red Book show up in their screen, I start to read the first lines : Instruccions for emergency Earth evacuation. I can't believe is True.

Earth begin to evacuate in rigorous orden.
Our spaceship ains to Mars with the first 1.000 hundret indian aboard
Dislodge Earth in evacuation order.
New colonization begin !  New opportunity to change !

"The setlers start the first steps to be even, The red planet one big dream become real"

L'homme porte son destin attaché ā cor.